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Art Exhibition and Open Studio Weekend on 20-21 Sept 2014.

Manly Arts Festival 2014 event

Annual Manly Arts Festival, I did an exhibition and open studio weekend.
Some visitors has visited me since 2010!

Photo at Ryokan Gojyuan’s 1st anniversary open day.

Ryokan Gojyuan is a Japanese style accomodation in Sydney. I often run the origami workshops there. When you walk inside, you feel like you are already in Kyoto! Folding origami there is an extra wonderful experience.

It was a special day, so I dressed up with Kimono, Japanese traditional cloth. Feel so good.

Next Origami Workshops at Ryokan Gojyuan in Balmain

Let’s make origami roses!
Each origami rose is made without scissors or glue. It is a joy to find out how one sheet of paper is transformed into a delicate rose.

Sunday 19 October 11am-1pm
Cost: $45 pp Materials provided.

Green tea and sweets will be served after the workshop.

Booking essential. Please go to Ryokan Gojyuan’s website
208 Darling Street Balmain

Origami workshops at Art Gallery of NSW

I really enjoyed Running the origami workshops at Art Gallery of NSW.
The stuff and visitors were all very nice people. Thank you very much. It was a fantastic experience for me.

I did three origami workshops there on Wednesday nights. We are in Winter in Sydney and cold at night but inside was warm. Many people came after work, relaxed with nice music and beautiful wine, sat down with friends or strangers and folded origami bracelets together. What a great opportunity!

I made my origami display on new Daiso window at Macquarie Centre, Sydney. The Macquarie Centre has opened a new space and Daiso is located the new space.

There were a lot of visitors and the shop had a nice atmosphere. I am happy that people gave me nice comments about my display.